Tempa DOT Non-Sterile Disposable Thermometer 2000 pack

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Tempa DOT Non-Sterile Disposable Thermometer 2000 pack, 2000 piece(s) $3,400.00

Tempa DOT Non-Sterile Disposable Thermometer 2000 pack at low wholesale prices. Socksinbulk.com offers First Aid and Hygiene Gear at bulk discounted prices.

The Tempa•DOT™ 5122NS is a non-sterile, single-use clinical thermometer. This product is manufactured alongside the Tempa•DOT™ Sterile thermometer, but does not undergo the sterilization process. As a result, the unit cost is roughly 15% less. The Tempa•DOT™ 5122NS performs at the same superior level of infection prevention as the Tempa•DOT™ sterile thermometer.
Tempa•DOT™’s accuracy is the same as, or better than, other thermometers commonly used in a healthcare setting. Each of the dots has its own formulated temperature point that fires at a specific temperature. When a dot fires, its color changes from brown to blue. The number of dots that fire is dependent upon the patient’s temperature. The last blue dot provides the accurate temperature reading.

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