About us

Mission Statement: We provide the greatest range of top quality socks, hosiery and apparel at affordable prices to retailers, wholesalers, and charity groups. 
What we do?
We dedicate our time to service, quality, and friendship.

Service: We’ve crafted our site to provide an efficient buying experience. You deserve to have a seamless buying experience and we work to make sure that happens. Our customers are loyal, and comfortable contacting us with any questions they may have before or after placing their order. Socks in Bulk has put together an experience customer representative team. And for our most valuable clients, we have designated a special account manager to assist with current and future orders.

Quality: Our fulfillment team is passionate about taking that extra step to ensure that bad products never see the light of day. They take your time into consideration and you know how valuable your time is. However, if a day comes when a bad unit goes out our customer service team will be there to aid you through the return process seamlessly.

Friendship: We value our customers and we believe that friendship is a big part of our business. Hope you are as excited to get to know us, as we are to get to know you.

Where we started? Where are we now?
Starting out humbly in a small storefront back in 2010 we grew into one of the leading hosiery wholesalers in the US. Starting with 3 employees we now have gained over 25 employees and 3 warehousing locations in the US. Not only have we learned from our customers and made changes to better suit your needs, but we have built an experienced, fun, and organized team ready and excited to serve you.

Where we are located and where do we ship?
We are proudly located in the heart of Brooklyn. We understand our customers are based all across the US, so we've added 2 additional warehousing locations based in the US to better serve you. 
What makes us different?

Low Minimums
You aren’t looking to place an order for large quantities all the time and we get that. That’s why we introduce bulk pricing at low minimums. Now, you can test new products in your store or place a small order for seasonal items.

Enjoy a wide range of products all listed here on sockinbulk.com. You’re bound to find something that suits your customers and they’re going to love you for it.

Customer Service
Customer specialists who are ready to take your call for any questions you may have regarding our products and your order. We’d like to hear from you!

Shipping & Fulfillment
Get quality that works for your customers. Our fulfillment team checks all products before you even place your order. This helps us make top quality products possible.

For more information please contact us at info@socksinbulk.com